hang with ops, discuss all the things.

hangops is a weekly virtual hangout bringing you amazing discussion and awesome insight into the DevOps community. All from the comfort of your own home or office.

    Audio Podcast

The idea behind hangops is that a lot of ops folks (and dev, qa, security, etc) are working remotely these days and so hangops is meant to be a chance to grab a coffee, beer, etc and hang out (virtually).

There are multiple hangops sessions most weeks and all the sessions are are done via Google Hangouts and are streamed live on Youtube.

You can also join our irc channel #hangops on irc.freenode.net to participate in discussions and hang out with the community.

Hangops US

  • US sessions happen (almost) every Friday at 11AM PST

Hangops EU

  • EU sessions happen (almost) every Friday at 11AM CET

Hangops AU

  • AU sessions happen every other week, usually on Friday at Noon AEDT

The best way to know when the next hangops is happening is to check us out on Twitter.